Can a Mobile Mechanic Really Fix My Car without a Garage?

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Many auto mechanics work in certain locations and repair a wide variety of vehicle types. This gives a mechanic a good advantage due to the fact all the tools needed are all in one place and a work area has been made. However, a mobile auto repair mechanic does not work in just one set place and has to transport to several different locations in order to do their job. A client could require a mobile auto repair mechanic for many different reasons, the most common one is the inability to take the broken car to the actual repair shop.

The mechanic will normally be able to do most, if not all the repairs any other normal stationary mechanic does but has the extra challenge of creating adequate workspace needed. The auto mechanic will have a large van or truck in which they transport all the tools needed to do the job, and the mechanic usually has some kind of temporary shelter that could be erected around the car should they be required to work in wet weather conditions. This means that the mechanic can come to their client’s homes to do any repair work, or should their client be stranded in a place, the mechanic can overcome this problem.

Like most mechanics, the mobile auto repair mechanic could or could not be certified. It is not always needed in order to become a certified mechanic; however, the mechanic has to be able to provide some kind of qualifications, like specific training, completion of apprenticeship, or work experience within the industry. The mechanic must have a valid driver’s license, and sometimes, they may need a commercial driver’s license, this all depends on the type of vehicle they drive and what type of car they are specializing in.

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