How to Save Money with Preventative Car Maintenance

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Although A Abel Mobile Auto Repair is an auto repair shop that provides excellent vehicle maintenance services in Las Vegas, NV, we do value the time and money of our customers. For this reason, we often help our clients with some free tips on how to manage small vehicle maintenance tasks. Our blog today makes no exceptions, as it is dedicated to advice on how to maintain an automobile running well for a longer period of time. Read on and learn what our specialists have advised you!

  • Car towingCheck the oil level and tire pressure every time you have this chance when you stop at a gas station (especially if you are driving a sports car with a high compression engine).
  • Every 5,000 to 7,000 miles do an oil and filter change. The oil will lubricate all moving parts and will reduce friction, which will prolong the life of your car’s engine. Changing the filter prevents carbon and sludge build-up in the engine.
  • Here is what you need to do every 15,000 miles:

– Replace the air filter of the engine – This will minimize the engine contaminants, it will keep the fuel economy at optimal level and will save you from spending more money at the pump.

– Replace the cabin air filter – This will keep the dust and contaminants out of your automobile, make your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently, and result in less drain in engine and battery. 

– Inspect transmission fluid – Changing it, when necessary, will lubricate the shifting of gears.

Here is what you need to do every 30,000 miles:

  • – Engine coolant exchange – It ensures that the engine won’t overheat and keeps it running efficiently.

Brake fluid flush – It should be flushed if burnt or moisture content exceeds 2%. If no problems are detected, you need to change it every 2 years. This procedure prevents premature brake fade and damage to hydraulics and ABS valve unit.
Power steering fluid flush – It is needed because low or old fluid makes it difficult to steer. This procedure also improves handling and performance.

Copper spark plug replacement – Worn out plugs can cause misfires or dead cylinders, improves the overall performance of the automobile, ensures longer life for the engine, and reduces harmful emissions.

Here are some repairs and car maintenance tasks which cannot be handled without a visit to your local auto repair shop:
Brake service – every 45,000 miles
Battery replacement – every 60,000 miles
Timing belt replacement – every 75,000 miles
Call (702) 682-1704, and we will set a repair appointment to get you started!

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