Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Shiny and New

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When people buy a new car, they want to keep it looking well-maintained and new as long as possible. With proper attention and care for both the outside and inside of your automobile, you can keep its shine and appeal for years to come.

  1. Wash your car frequently. Road grime and dirt make a vehicle look old and dingy regardless of the paint color. What is more, dirt on the windows can limit visibility, which makes for unsafe driving. It is advisable to wash the automobile’s exterior at least once a week. If you have been driving on salty or muddy roads, even more often.
  2. Wash hubcaps and tires. Washing your vehicle shouldn’t stop at the bumpers. Tires collect a great deal of road dirt, and hubcaps can become discolored and greasy if neglected. Make sure to apply protectant to tires once the wash is over, in order to give them the new, wet, and shiny look, that makes the whole automobile look amazing.

  1. Wash the undercarriage. It is easy to neglect the bottom of your car, since you never really see it. However, making sure the undercarriage is periodically washed limits rust and corrosion.
  2. Wax occasionally. Waxing protects your automobile’s paint from stains caused by the elements. You can consult a reliable auto repair shop when choosing a waxing product.
  3. Keep your car under a carport or in a garage. This protects the vehicle from bird droppings, tree residue, rain, snow, as well as general grime from passing automobiles.
  4. Use a car cover. If you park your vehicle outdoors, it is a wise idea to use a car cover, in order to protect its finish from the elements.
  5. Wash inside the windows. Just as essential as washing the outside of your vehicle, the inside of the windows should be cleaned on a regular basis as well. Dust, fingerprints, and dirt can reduce visibility, if they haven’t been properly cleaned.
  6. Vacuum regularly. This step is crucial, if you want to keep the inside of your car looking as new and appealing as the day you bought it. Bits of paper, dirt from shoes, as well as crumbs, all contribute to a generally messy look of the seats and floorboards.
  7. Use rubber mats. Rubber mats will keep water, mud, and dirt on shoes from transferring onto the car’s carpeting. Rubber mats, unlike carpeted mats, can be maintained easily. All you have to do is to hose them off and let them dry.
  8. Keep food and drinks out! One of the greatest mess-makers inside a vehicle is food. Wrappers, bags, and crumbs will clutter up the automobile faster than anything else – not to mention the possibility of stains and spills.

 Along with the outside and inside maintenance of your automobile, make sure that your car is checked at a reputable auto repair shop, such as A Abel Mobile Auto Repair, of Las Vegas, NV, on a regular basis.

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