When to Visit an Auto Shop

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There are different types of auto repair jobs – from flat tires to engine damage. If you wonder what the most common types of car repair are, you will find the list below useful.

  • Oil Changes

Any responsible automobile owner should visit their local auto repair shop every few months, for an oil change. Experts recommend that oil be changed every few months. Since they have to be done regularly, it is no wonder that oil changes are the most common types of auto repair.

  • Coolant System

The engine coolant should also be changed on a regular basis. Radiator and coolant system flushes are the most common types of car repair in this category. A coolant flush is inexpensive, but other coolant repairs can be costly.

  • Tire Repair

Tires are subjected to a lot of friction and stress on a daily basis. In addition, there is always the danger of them being punctured by road debris. Flat tires are a common occurrence, and so are tire replacements. Tires also have to be replaced when they wear out (which happens every two years or so). To extend the life of your tires, routine tire rotations at your local auto repair shop are recommended.

  • Battery Repair

Batteries have a life of 3 – 5 years. At one point or another, everyone will experience a dead battery. If you are in the middle of the road when that happens, you will need a mobile auto repair or towing service. Luckily, replacing a battery is relatively easy and is therefore inexpensive.

  • Electrical Problems

Modern cars have complicated electrical systems. Blown fuses are one example of a common electrical repair. Other examples include replacement of headlights or taillights. Of course, there are lots of other, more sophisticated electrical repairs.

  • Fuel System Repairs

The air filter is an important component of your fuel system. Air filters have to be replaced often. A clogged or damaged filter can let dirt and other contaminants in the engine cylinder. Clogged fuel pumps are other common fuel system repairs.

  • Brakes

Brakes have to be repaired when their linings wear out. The vehicle manufacturer determines the minimum acceptable thickness. In areas where they set their own requirements, this thickness is determined by a state agency. You should have your car inspected, in order to find out if new linings are necessary. Some indications that you need brake repair are grabbing, pulling, pedal vibration, soft or low pedal, and noise.

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